ONLINE sessions via ZOOM are convenient for those who would rather get the benefits from the comfort of their own home or office. These are live, online and always with me :)

In-Studio Privates and Semi-privates are currently held at Sun Yoga Tampa Studio,  

19239 N. Dale Mabry Hwy. Lutz, FL 33548

(Super convenient from the Veterans Expressway).

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Sherry Longbottom, RN, CYT, CPYT, Holistic Nurse

Helping women stay positive, connected and supported throughout their fertility journey to Motherhood and beyond!

Creating Customized Sessions

for over 15 years with

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Results that are life changing!

Welcome! I am so glad you're here! I hope to help you soon!
A little about our sessions...
I am REGISTERED NURSE AND CERTIFIED YOGA TEACHER that has specifically chosen poses (asanas) that are excellent for increasing circulation of oxygen rich blood flow to your pelvic area and reproductive organs. I combine these poses with breath work (pranayama) and sprinkle mindfulness meditation throughout your sessions.  Fertility Yoga is geared towards you, this unique time in your life and fertility treatments, and your path to conception. No two bodies are exactly the same and this is why I have devoted my heart and soul to creating and perfecting the exact plan to support and help you. The fertility process and treatments (and waiting ~ especially that 2 week wait!) can be extremely stressful and lonely and I am here to help you stay relaxed, positive and healthy throughout this journey. This unique fertility yoga is an excellent complement to your medical procedures (i.e. IVF, IUI, and many others).
Over the past 15 years of creating / teaching this specialized yoga, I have seen the most incredible results and would love for you to be the next!  

After you hear the wonderful news "You're PREGNANT!!"...
Should you continue on with yoga? YES, absolutely!! I am also certified in prenatal yoga. Let's get you to your BIG day feeling strong, healthy and ready! Almost all of my recent fertility yoga students are now in the prenatal yoga sessions with me! What a blessing!! Many students are also coming back again to try for baby #2 and #3 in fertility yoga sessions!
Looking forward to helping and supporting you on your journey! 



Fertility Yoga

Great complement to IVF or ART Therapies. Also, wonderful to do for all who want to holistically encourage relaxation and blood flow to the reproductive areas while trying to conceive.

Offered in-studio or online live via Zoom. 

Prenatal Yoga

Yay! You're pregnant! Many fertility yoga students continue with my prenatal yoga sessions. This is a great way to continue to take care of you, your baby and get ready for your BIG day! 

Offered in-studio or online live via Zoom.

Online Sessions

Online Meditation to the rescue!
Sessions via ZOOM.
These are LIVE, PRIVATE and super convenient for everyone! Excellent for melting away stress and anxiety while promoting calmness and great sleep.





Currently, online sessions are proving to be the most desired and giving the results wanted. Plus, you can do them live, online from anywhere you'd like! I send you your own private recording of the session for free for you to practice (if you'd like) between your online sessions with me. A great way to set up your own home practice!

Have a beautiful, peaceful day.

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