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Sherry Longbottom, RN, E-CYT, CPT, CES
Fertility Yoga Specialist
Cancer Exercise Specialist


Welcome to our fertility yoga community!

I am a fertility yoga specialist with expertise in fertility & prenatal yoga + mindfulness meditation (as well as a Registered Nurse so safety and getting oxygen/circulation to the reproductive area/organs while encouraging hormonal balance is key). 

I help women who want to conceive, connect with others, feel supported, strong and heard while building a healthy body and peaceful mind by using specific, modified fertility & prenatal yoga poses and breathing plus connecting you with others in our supportive, small, virtual fertility and prenatal weekly yoga group. This group is like nothing out there!  We continue together all the way to your big delivery day with the goal of holding your little sweet pea in your arms! I have now added MOGA (Mom & Baby) Yoga also to support you when you become a new Mom and help you stay healthy, strong and connected to your fertility community which will truly become like family. You will not be doing this journey alone ~ You will be supported, cheered on and feel loved and connected.


Semi-Private Group Fertility & Prenatal Yoga Sessions
Ongoing, virtual, live with recordings

8 Week Series (Ongoing) 
Recommended for BEST RESULTS

Each session is 45 minutes
Cost:  $60 per session

BONUS: First trimester is FREE if you become pregnant while in Fertility Yoga!*
These sessions are a perfect way to connect with others going through similar journeys.
Connection ~ Supportive Community ~ Specific Poses for Fertility
(esp. if you're getting ready for IUI, IVF, etc.)
Don't do this alone...we are here for you and want you to join us for a
positive experience before, during and after your little one arrives.
* Your first trimester of prenatal yoga will consist of meditation only and the community online support and staying connected by popping on to say hi, give updates and participate in the meditation for a calm, relaxing feeling for your mind & body while creating a wonderful state for a baby to thrive in. 

Private Fertility and/or Prenatal Yoga Sessions
​Virtual, live

Each session is 30 minutes 
Cost:  $60 per session

Customized just for you and where you are in your fertility journey (ie. treatments, procedures, meds). When you get pregnant, we modify poses specifically for you and your body for each trimester getting you ready for your BIG day! This is where having a Registered Nurse who understands your body as your yoga teacher is golden!
Let's get you all the way safely to your delivery day and welcome your baby in your arms! This is great for those who can't make the group sessions.

Sweet Peas / Testimonials 

"Sherry was a lifesaver for my husband and I. After two years of trying for a baby and 1 year of fertility treatments, we were unable to get pregnant. Everything changed when I met Sherry. She was able to quickly identify areas of stress and educate me on meditation and self-care. A few months later we received something we never expected: a positive pregnancy test and nine months later, our sweet son. We will forever be grateful for Sherry’s guidance and I have returned to Fertility Yoga for baby number 2."

~Jess D. 

“I am so thankful my doctor told me about Sherry’s fertility and prenatal yoga classes!  I work full time and it was a wonderful way to learn to relax and decrease my stress levels, helping prepare my body for pregnancy. I continued her classes once I was expecting and it helped keep my body and mind strong.  


Sherry truly cares for her ladies and fosters a loving and welcoming environment.  The group classes are perfect if you’re looking for women with similar experiences and a place where everyone supports each other throughout their unique journeys.  


I highly recommend Sherry and her fertility and prenatal yoga classes!”


- Jenn H.

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Here's just a few babies from our Fertility Yoga classes! There are so many more! Let's make you the next one to have a cutie pie!

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